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Social Media Marketing

NOT-Marketing Social Media Marketing & Rumors on line

Nowadays company cannot ignore what people say on line about their products or services. It's a necessity to interact with their ConsumAutore (ConsumerAuthor), the principle actor able to create contents. The key points of NOT Marketing strategies are the continue attention-interaction with Customer-NOT-Customer and the focus on emotional aspects of the customer-product/service relationship.

Web Evolution has created a new way of relationship with customers: the company can have a direct relation with them thanks to blogs and social networks. We can help companies to  promote themeselves in different way: 1- public relations in blogs and forums 2-  managing on line presence in social network either strategically than operatively
  • On line communities marketing
  • Ufficio stampa on line
  • Web PR
  • Social Media Marketing


The new  strategies of NOT-Marketing are positioned in an evolution step that will take to Marketing 4.0.

Marketing 1.0 ==> The company creates the product/service and  "build" Marketing for Consumer

Marketing 2.0 ==> The Market creates the product/service and  "build" the Company that produces it for Consumer

Marketing 3.0 ==> The Marketing is a living organism, that change its spaces and times quickly, going from the classical produttore-Consumatore (Producer-Consumer) channel towards a new evolution system o ProduttAutore-ConsumAutore (ProductAuthor-ConsumerAuthor)

Marketing 4.0 ==>  The Market is a living organism, that changes its spaces and times quickly and in a circular way, going from the system Autore-Produttore-Consumatore (Author-Producer-Consumer) integrated in Consumatore (ConsumerAuthor) towards the future system ProduttAutore-ConsumAutore (ProducerAuthor-ConsumerAuthor), where marketing 4.0 won't need programms and plans, but it will be a thinking organism able to create the market, so as the market can create itself, in relation with the circular system ProduttAutore_ConsumAutore (ProducerAuthor-ConsumerAuthor), the unique capable to follow the quick change in market needs.

We have a NOT Marketing approach: NOT Marketing strategies to promote business and  professional courses to maximize the use of Social Media and web channel in order to develope your brand or your business.