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Marketing indicates what you have to do and how you have to do. Marketing  are a series of strategies created in order to sell products or services
"...I'm doing this product for you...in this way...".
" New Marketing doesn’t delete old marketing, but it integrates it. NOT-Marketing isn't marketing=0, but it is a new way of marketing. Not-marketing creates an interactive and emotional relashionship  with NOT- customers, the people... ".

NOT Marketing listens to customers needs through the web channels, that uses as instruments of promotion. It consists in creating "Rumors On Line", so customers will promote products/services (evangelism) thanks to the web channels.


written by Patrizia Pastore

The concept of NOT Marketing has been examined in the book recently published "Marketing-NOT-Marketing", which shows a new way of marketing that integrates the old way and do not want to impose on the client agressively.

The innovative aspects of the book are in the approach of "NOT Marketing" as a "PULL" tool of the future (you will not have to sell anything, but just be prepared to meet consumer choices), and the 4 V of NOT Marketing (Value, Veritas, Vicinity, Valuation). In this regard, the book describes, between the philosophy of the theories and the concreteness of the markets, the evolutionary scenario of marketing, from 1.0 to 4.0, identifying the new elements of this one, the link between the past and the future, the ConsumAutore (ConsumerAuthor).

The "NOT Marketing" has been created in order to listening to the needs of the target through the web channels, which uses as a new promotional tool. It is about creating buzz online (rumors online, viral marketing) and let consumers themselves promote of products/services (evangelism) through web channels. 

The book begins with a first chapter where there is a sociological/ philosophical approach of the eastern definition of the "things" according to what "they are NOT", which leads to the concept of "NOT Marketing" that we are going to introduce. 
The second chapter compares traditional marketing and its model of the 4 P's (Product, Price, Place, Promotion) with the new model of the 4 V of NOT Marketing (Value,Veritas, Vicinity, Valuation).
The third chapter is focused on the
web world (from 2.0 to 4.0), the evolution of new media and the analysis of existing SOCIAL NETWORK (data, history, strategies, social media marketing).
The last chapter describes how the marketing will be in the future, focusing on innovative aspects, future prospects, current trends.

You will find numerous case studies that are going to exemplify the strategies, approaches and modes of operation of NOT Marketing,
and NOT just this one.

The book describes the main SOCIAL NETWORK and the strategies for a practical use of the new media.

You can buy it at this link: marketing not-marketing