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The 4V of NOT marketing

NOT Marketing uses four different levels:
  • Valore (Value)
  • Verità (Veritas)
  • Vicinanza (Vicinity)
  • Valutazione (Valuation)
It’s the Value of the Brand, of the product and of the service (Content Value)

It’s a competitive advantage in terms of product and/ or service, compared to competitors. Often it is due to an innovative ability to change the rules of the game.

It’s the new  Experience Value:  the most important thing is to find the “Big Idea” neutral compared to the media and very important for the customer (...from exposure at ...to the experience with partnership...)
It’s transparency, clearness, semplicity of the brand.

It’s brand and its integration with all the touch points in order to create a  trust relationship with  NOT-Customers.
Precise and continuos monitoring  of NOT-marketing/NOT-media actions in a long period term 
  • thanks to marketing and communication researches that will be able to estimate the results
  • measuring the effects of the actions and the value of the relationships with the customers

It’s Vicinity to NOT-Customers that  can be:
  • buyer/seller
  • producer/customer
  • employee/interpreneur
  • strategist/auditor
  • investitor/competitor
Vicinity allows to have a direct and interactive relationship and partnership.